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max_priest 16-07-2016 12:25 PM

Max_Priest Rises ........ Strictly for FR Only!
Max_Priest rises ...

I have decided to start a sub thread to fill all my FRs in it. I shall be pasting some of the older FRs which I have done early this year as well as input the new ones whom I have done recently over the next few days ... I shall not include those done earlier than year 2016 and those WLs who have already hung their pussies ...

If you failed to receive similar experience after trying my recommendations, regret to hear that ... Better luck next time & move on ... :p If you've benefited from my recommendations, lucky you and enjoy! Due to human variables at play, one would win some, and of course lose some ... This is a fact of life ... ;)

As this thread is strictly for my FR only, please refrain from TCSS/Flaming/KBKP/Spamming within this thread as the authority will either delete/shift your posts and may even penalize you with demerit points. However, kind compliment is certainly welcome! :D

Do stay tune and enjoy!


max_priest 16-07-2016 01:11 PM

A Buxomy Commando WL surfaces in Lor 16 ...
A Buxomy Commando WL surfaces in Lor 16 ...

WL Name - Fei Er
Origin - Hunan, PRC
Age - 23-25 years young (my guesstimate)
Height - 1.57 m (without heels)
Home Base - L1608
Misc Info - Debuted in late 2015. She has experience in the sex trade. I have done her sometime ago and this FR was produced in Jan 2016.

Looks - I would consider her chio (by GL CAT150 standard) with big double eyelid eyes, sharp high bridge nose, oval facial shape ... She has gone under the knife in “certain areas”.

Bod - On the meaty ... Perhaps she ain't tall ... Some may think she is voluptuous ... No tattoo on her bod ... Very curvy and supple butts ...

Tits - Gravity-defying and natural full C cupper frontal assets with light pinkiest brown nips ... Her tits were pretty dense to the feel and in no way droopy ...

Pre-Shower Routine - Spontaneous and enthusiastic as if I was her real life lover ... She mounted on top of me without prompting and proceeded to lick my neck, cheek and ears before giving me a passionately deep french kiss ... I was groping her butts and also her mega size tits ... :p

Shower Action - She gave me an erotic body2body "snake dance" from front to my rear anatomy ... When she used her butts to slide along my bulked up manhood, I caressed her tits as well as her clit from behind ... She completed this segment with a deep throated sensuous BBBJ ...

Bedroom Fore-Play - Pre-sexual massage with oil was offered ... She made use of her mega tits to stimulate my rear and frontal anatomy as well as my dick ... We frenched passionately wherever we could ... No prompting from me at all ...

AR - Two rounds of AR were offered. Once when I was in prone position and another when I was lying on my back with my legs raised ... She ARed me with a generous amount of tongue lashing against the whole length of my ass crack and sometime she would plunge her tongue deeply into my [email protected] ... Hahaha ...

BBBJ - Very wet and sensuous super deep-throated BBBJ with subtle hand action ... Excellent!

FJ - Very proactive and accommodating in this department ... We adopted various positions - Gal on top, doggy bonking (both squarting & standing styles with stilletoes on), lotus, and I ultimately climaxed in missionary ...

Attitude - Awesome and I could feel she was enthusiastic and all out to please attitude ... Definitely a gem ... A must try commando WL ... At least once in my opinion ... even though I am not really into non-slim WL ... :)


max_priest 16-07-2016 01:13 PM

A WL with Enthusiastic Attitude
A WL with an Enthusiastic Attitude ...

WL name - Yang Yang
Origin - Hubei, PRC
Age - 26 years young
Height - Approx. 1.67-1.68 m without heels
Tits - A cupper with light brown nips
Home Base - L1606
Misc Info – Debuted early last year. This FR was done early this year. Hopefully she is still around ...

I have had 3 meaty dishes consecutively ... I therefore shall not go for meaty dish for the next 2-3 months down the road ... Getting tired of meaty delicacy ... :D

Yang Yang, to me is not pretty but cute and youngish as she always put on a smiley face. Good thing is, she looks younger than her real age. She is meatily-built and like a little N to M shape when view from the front. She has fair and smooth body complexion. Tummy protrusion was pretty obvious and flattish butts. Her facial features ain't sharp and eyes are small and nose is a little flattish ... Her service accorded to me was sensuous and steadily slow ... She provided me with a full CAT150 package. Super deep throated BBBJ in the shower and bedroom. AR with abundant of hand actions was adopted. Free flow of deep and passionate frenching by default and without prompting from me at all ... In other words, she initiated it ... Quite rare indeed for PRC non commando WL ... Her service was about 75% of a commando WL in my opinion ... Having said that I may have my unique definition of a commando WL. Hahaha ... cat-bath was by tongue rolling method which I fancy ... She was game for any sex position ... You name it, she would oblige ... :)

She is a smooth courtesan but have not reached the finesse level of Da Qiao (ex WL of 1817). Awesome WL attitude ... An above average bonk for me for sure ...


max_priest 16-07-2016 01:16 PM

A Chio SYT from 54A ...
I have had passionate sex with a chio lass ...

Xiao Xin @ L1654A who is hailed from Hunan, PRC is a petite lass, barely 1.6m tall and age around 22 years young ... She is considered as a chio SYT by today's GL cat150 standard ... She offers the full cat150 package with lots of GFE. If you enjoy passionate and natural sex with a young lass plus a tinge of girlish demeanor like me, she is the one you should consider to up ... In fact she has upped her ante in terms of her performance over the months … Awesome SYT … A must try WLs of 54A stable and a go to WL as far as I am concern. Frenching & cunnilingus is not an issue for this WL ...

Xiao Xin has small double eyelid eyes with natural eyelashes, sharp small nose and ... very adorable and small girlish mouth. She wore very little makeup. She has fair and smooth complexion. She has straight hair at the top part and wavy at the base which I fancy ... Very feminine indeed ... A cupper frontal assets with pointy brown nips ... petite frame but she has a rounded and very perky butt ... Consider big for her slim frame ... Hahaha ...

I enjoyed my session with Xiao Xin thoroughly ... Lots of passionate frenching and GFE both pre and post coital ... Shiok! :D

She is confirm a RTF material for me ...


max_priest 16-07-2016 01:19 PM

Ms Body Beautiful!
Ms Body Beautiful

WL Name - Taozhi
Origin - Hunan, PRC
Age - 23 years young
Height - 1.66 m w/o heels
Home Base - L1654A
Misc Info - Debuted in early this year and has prior experience in the flesh trade. This FR was done early this year and hence, her current service might deviate from what I have reported here.

Taozhi possesses a set of well-developed B cupper frontal assets with pale pink small cherry size nips. She has a small scar underneath her right breast, as a result of an injury during her childhood days. She is highly presentable and quite sweet in the looks department albeit not those that would stand up distinctly. She possesses medium size double eyelid eyes with natural lashes. Medium high nose bridge. She has long straight black hair. She has very proportional physique ... Perky and rounded butt ... Small waistline and nicely developed tits ... I would bestow her with the title - Ms Body Beautiful of 54A. Her body complexion is somewhat fair and smooth ...

Taozhi was very passionate and enthusiastic in her service. That was at least how I felt ... She was very sportingly spontaneous to engage in some mesmerizing pre-shower actions with me. It was certainly an excellent prelude to the main course. :D She offered me a thorough body2body stimulation in the shower, a somewhat stimulating AR with subtle hand action ... Good half-throated BBBJ but there was room for improvement ... Not much cat-bathing was offered during the bedroom action but she would just use her tits and pussy to rub against my rear and front torso ... Lotsa passionate frenching from the time the door was closed to the time we bade each other goodbye. Shiok! :p


max_priest 16-07-2016 01:21 PM

A date with a demure and dainty lass ...
A date with a demure and dainty lass ...

WL Name - Shuang Shuang
Origin - Heilongjiang, PRC
Age - 24 years young (according to her)
Height - Approx. 1.58 m (without heels)
Home Base - WH04
Misc Info - Debuted early this year. She was a KTV Hostess before her stint here. This FR was produced in Mar 2016.

Looks - To me, she is not chio as her facial features are not sharp. Her oriental looks does not stand up if I compared her to some other chio whores. My standard in the looks department is pretty high ... Shuang Shuang is pleasant looking, demure and dainty ... and she has fair & porcelain-smooth complexion.

Bod - She is slim & petite but with a little tummy protrusion, fair and super smooth body complexion. No tattoo or blemish in sight ...

Tits - Perky B cupper frontal assets with pale pink nips.

Pussy - Very nice looking pussy with sparsely populated pubic hair ... I liken that to a seldom utilize kinda pussy ... It was indeed very palatable to my sight.

Pre-Shower Routine - She was pretty spontaneous in this department and willing to role-play with me without any issue ... We frenched passionately and caressed each other bod all over ... We spent quite some time in this segment before we undressed each other and proceeded to shower ...

Shower Action - She gave me a tamed body2body soapy stimulation from my front to my rear anatomy ... She used her ass crack to slide along the length of my bulked up dick to mimic a doggy thrust action ... She subsequently did a BBBJ which was done very sensually & slowly ... We frenched deeply before we towel-dried ourselves.

Bedroom Fore-Play - She gave me an enthusiastic and GFE cat-bath from my back to my front anatomy ...

AR - She positioned me on my fours and gave me a stimulating AR ... Good effort on her part as I enjoyed it thoroughly.

Frenching - Passionate and spontaneous with lots of GFE ...

BBBJ - Half-throated BBBJ ... It was done sensually and slowly ... I can see and feel lotsa saliva dripping from her mouth as she BBBJ me ... What an erotic sight indeed! She did a 69 without prompting from me. I took this golden opportunity to have a sumptuous DATY ... :p

FJ - Very accommodating lass ... We adopted a few sex positions before we ended up in missionary ... We frenched during the lotus and missionary positions ... Shiok lah!

Attitude - She has very good whore attitude and always try her best to please me ... However, she is definitely not for commando WL seekers ... I would consider her an ang pai as she clocks an average of 10 sessions daily ...


max_priest 16-07-2016 01:23 PM

She is quite a chio lass but ...
She is quite chio but ...

WL name - YoYo aka WL #11
Origin - Yunnan, PRC
Age - 22 years young (according to her)
Height - Approx. 1.58m w/o heels
Home Base - WH12 (House of Yi Tiao Long)
Misc info - Those WLs from WH12 who offer YTL are a far cry from WLs @ L0819 ... Nowhere near the standards of Bao Er, Yi Na and Xiao Li (from L0819). Just like retired Ding Ding & Wen Wen, these 3 WLs set the bar very high in terms of YTL services on the inflatable mattress. Most if not all the WLs in WH12 offer very brief service on the inflatable mattress but only some butt massage ... Most don't allow frenching and painting ... My personal pal received CAR when he requested for AR from YoYo. Am uncertain if she is still around as I have done her in Mar 2016 …

YoYo aka WL No. 11 is hailed from Yunnan, very petite, slender, small butt, she has one small tattoo behind her neck and another huge one on her side torso ... Quite fair body complexion ... A-cup tits with pale brownish pink nips, quite neat looking pussy with a little pubic hair, nice eyes and natural top & bottom lashes, with facial dimples, quite sharp small nose and small lips but no frenching allowed (only kissing on the lips), no AR, no pussy painting allowed, weak half-throated BBBJ and only brief YTL service on the inflatable mattress ... Nothing much to shout. The only consolation was she offered lotsa GFE post coital by hugging me, stroking my pecs and kissing my face on the bed. :rolleyes: :D

YoYo is quite chio but certainly not those super chio type in my opinion ... Those who said she is very chio and offers very good service, it is a sheer exaggeration on their part. She is no way near the standard of ex WH12 WL, Shuang Shuang or maybe Jin Jin in the looks, bod and YTL service departments.

Having said that, if you don't mind to bonk a young, petite and quite chio youngish lass with very average service, you would not be disappointed.


max_priest 16-07-2016 01:26 PM

Good stuff does come in small package some time ...
Good stuff does come in small package sometime ...

WL Name - Xia Tian
Origin - Chong Qing, PRC
Age - 25 years young (she looks much younger)
Height - 1.52m
Home Base - L1608
Misc info - Debuted prolly in late last year if I could remember what she told me. She has prior experience in the sex trade. I done this FR in Mar 2016.

Xia Tian is sweet, youngish and adorable. She is those whom people would like to protect upon seeing her. She is diminutive ... Prolly the smallest size WL in cat150. She is slim and yet quite curvy in areas of importance. She is a proud owner of a set of natural C racks ... She has smooth body complexion and no tattoo in sight ...

Xia Tian is very spontaneous in her sexual approach and her repertoires were more or less similar to her mates, Fei Er & Ya Ya except that she didn't offer me AR. Ain't sure if she would offer AR actually as for my last session with her, action started once the door closed behind us and no shower was done. Prolly she knew that I have already showered before the session. Everything seemed to happen fast & furious ... Very spontaneous indeed! I like! :D

Cat-bath was very naturally done and awesome ... BBBJ was done in deep-throated fashion with lotsa hand action on my scrotum, pecs and pubic area. She could vary her BBBJ thrusting pace from slow to fast and vice versa. Lots of head twisting and tongue twirling in the process a la Professional Porn Star. :D She was very skilled in the art of French kissing ... I don't feel any form of restrain from her and I enjoyed myself fucking her thoroughly ... We frenched passionately for one hell of a long time like there was no tomorrow ... :p Cunnilingus was no issue with her as we adopted 69 position as well before we switched to FJ.

In the FJ segment, she was accommodating and game for any sex positions I desired ...

Xia Tian has great whore attitude without a doubt ... Her performance was almost like a commando standard. On par with Fei Er and Ya Ya if not better ... Definitely not for the faint-hearted Joe ...


max_priest 18-07-2016 10:22 PM

Re: CAT 150- Big Boobs FRs

Originally Posted by ianmartin (Post 14858680)
any more update from bro miwantit?

To me this thread (CAT150 Big Boobs - Natural D & Above) has become useless ever since the title has been changed to Natural D cup boobs ... To begin with, there aren't many D cupper in CAT150 let alone natural ones ... One can count with his fingers there are how many in GL150 ... Regret to say that the one (ex-Mod) who changed the title does not know much about the CAT150 industry per se. If the titles is - "Strictly C cups and above" ... At least not too bad ...

max_priest 19-07-2016 12:09 AM

Re: 'Yi Tiao Long' at Geylang

Originally Posted by Skinny_addict (Post 14858921)
While, chio is really depends on ppl taste. She is not my cup of tea.
For service wise, i could only say the water bath is less than 5min to me. Total just ooutin 30min. I feel my sgd150 wasted. Maybe she more into service good looking guy.:(

Skinny_addict, for once what the below samster mentioned in his post below in bold is absolutely correct. That is who wrote the FR is sometime very vital ... It is better for one to determine whether his FR is based on his direct personal experience, hearsay from unknown 3rd party, etc. if he does not wanna waste his hard-earned $150.

Come to think about it, in this case ... Those FR written by anonymous writer(s) which were posted on behalf by the below samster could be skeptical too as we do not know who actually wrote those FRs. Unless some proven FR writers have already posted them in the open before. Hence, am confused as what the samster below advocated appears to contradict his actual intention ... Hmmm :confused: :D

Nonetheless, thanks for your truthful comment re this WL from WH12 ... :)


Originally Posted by comm (Post 14857211)
Agree with what you said above, different people different taste, we should take note of this and find for fr writers with similar taste.

Who wrote the fr is more important then what the fr says.

max_priest 28-07-2016 12:29 PM

A must try ...
A must try Whore ...

WL Name - Zhen Zhen
Origin - Guizhou, PRC
Home Base - WH04
Height - 1.58 to 1.6m w/o heels
Misc info - Debuted about 4 months ago and only has experience in KTV back home. Her sexual skill was taught by her regular patrons. This WL is a must try and her service is at least one notch if not more than Shuang Shuang from the same shop.

She is not those distinctly chio type but pleasant, slutty in a way and adorable with double eyelid eyes and natural top & bottom eyelashes. Medium high bridge nose and small kissable lips. She is slim and fair with small perky butt. Her tits and body frame are like a still-growing adolescent. No kiddin! Yummy! :p

Action started the moment the door was closed. Very passionately commando and enthusiastic service was rendered. Listen guys, her Commando+passionate combo is her lethal weapon! Certainly not for the faint-hearted joe ... Frenching and pussy painting was no issue. A cupper tits with pale pink nips. Nice pinkiest pussy which looked like longevity bun. I spent hell lotsa time having DATY ... Pubic hair was a small turf on top her vagina ... Yummy!

She is confirmed a RTF material as far as my standard is concern ...


max_priest 28-07-2016 12:38 PM

Babelicious ...
Babelicious ...

WL name - Baby
Age - 22 years young
Height - 1.55 m (w/o heels)
Origin - Fujian, PRC
House - 2045

To me, Baby is not very chio type but presentable and bonkable ... Youngish, diminutive, lotsa curves on her bod although she is very petite ... Perky B cupper and pale brown nips. She has done a nose job before. Long wavy hairdo. Fair and Super smooth complexion ... Double eyelid eyes with synthetic eyelashes.

Very passionate service accorded to me. Lotsa Frenching from the door close behind us to the time we parted. She liked to be eaten downsouth :p ... BBBJ was superbly sensuous and deep-throated interspersed with saliva splitting on my dick ... HJ a few strokes before she continued to BBBJ and this cycle went on a few times ... A la Jap pornstar! Shiok!!

Above-average service was accorded to me although she allowed limited sex positions.


max_priest 28-07-2016 01:00 PM

Brief FR on some new whores ...
Brief FR on some new whores ... Due to time constraint on my side ... :p

Yang Yang @ 2045

Not newbie ... Prolly almost 1 year plus in GL. She is a pleasant looker based on my stringent standard but some may find her pretty ... Fair, slim, fleshy in her lower torso ... Her booty is very fleshy, perky and curvaceous. B cupper and pale brown nips. About 1.6 m tall and age 25 years young ... She loves to wear super micro mini shorts to expose her butt cheeks ... Her service is solidly above average ... full CAT150 service was accorded to me ... I've no problem to French and perform cunnilingus on her ... I must say she is one helluva hot slutty whore ... :p

Anna @ 1803

Chio with a touch of Pan Asian looks ... Sharp facial features ... About 1.66m tall, slim, leggy, butt a little flat and waistline getting a little wide. Hence she is on strict diet now. She has a tattoo on the back of her lower waist .... That's made her more kinky. Long straight tinted tress. She has the looks of a high class KTV hostess. Actually she used to work in a high end KTV in Beijing ... Super fair and smooth body complexion ... Almost C cupper frontal assets which were soft and curvy but not so firm ... She asked me to teach her how to french kiss with finesse & to improve her service further even though her service was already not bad (not sure if she is selective in this department) but not commando standard ... Fantabulous GFE was accorded to me ... RTF material for sure as I am an ardent fan of women with Pan Asian looks ... I missed the gorgeous Lisa (the ex-whore of 1606) who has a distinct Pan Asian looks ... Anyway I managed to rekindle my fire with her and fucked her again in Shanghai after her departure from GL a few months later ... :p

Niu Niu @ 1803 (departed barely 2 months later)

Also chio by GL150 standard, youngish, very slim, very petite ... around 1.55m tall ... About B cupper ... Service was ok but has certain restrictions ... There was room for improvement. A little cool in the beginning but became warmer later. I guess many young blokes would be smitten by her SYT looks and cool chilli padi attitude ...

Xiao Man @ 1803

She is for sure a chio babe, introverted and cool looking. One needs to bring on the charm to maximize ones mileage during the session proper as she can be ultra selective in providing certain services ... About 1.63 m tall, slim, B cupper, long tress and service was not bad ... Full Cat150 service was accorded to me ...

Meng Meng @ 1803 (not sure if she is still around)

I guess gonna ORD soon ... Quite sweet and demure looking. Excellent whore attitude ... A cupper and slim ... Service was above-average ... Good but not a box-office material ...

Yanzhi @ 1431

Demure, quite sweet, slender, fair, about 1.6m tall, long tress and A cupper tits ... Service was amateurish albeit she tried to put in effort to please me ... Consolation is, it was a GFE session (but don't expect deep & passionate Frenching for first timer) ... If you are into very service-oriented whore, you can pass her ...


max_priest 28-07-2016 01:06 PM

A Cheerful and Bubbly babe ...
A Cheerful & Bubbly Babe ...

WL Name - Xiao Ya
Origin - Hunan, PRC
Age - 24 years young
Height - 1.63 m w/o heels
Tits - Natural B cupper w/brown nips
Home Base - 1803

Xiao Ya is a charming and cheerful lass. I find her quite chio with her sharp facial features ... She loved to smile ... She has fantabulous personality and attitude as a whore. She is neither slim nor plump. Her butt is quite curvy and fleshy. Super smooth body complexion and quite fair.

She accorded me with lotsa good services and with lotsa GFE ... She also provided me with some B2B soapy stimulation in the shower, and we frenched passionately in the shower for a good 5 mins.

She offered me reversed BBBJ and also AR ... She was paintable and frenchable.

Another RTF material for me ... My type of whore for sure ... :p


max_priest 28-07-2016 01:16 PM

A Slender Hotie ... from 2831A
A Slender Hotie @ 2831A ...

San San who is in her early twenties is hailed from Guanzhou. Hence, I speak canto with her ... She is about 1.6m, pencil slim like Dan2, well-developed perky B cuppers that complements her overall bod, brown cute nips which were very suckable, small perky butt, cute facial dimples, small nose and double eyelid eyes. She is quite chio ... But not as chio as Anna @ 1803 and An An @ 54A as her facial features are not so sharp like these two.

Good GFE and services were accorded to me ... Frenchable and paintable ... Good suction BBBJ but no AR ... Do not expect commando service albeit her service accorded to me was above-average ...

Overall it was a nice bonk ... KK from her shop can match her looks ... Her service is almost on par with Dan2 if not better.


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