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Re: Vietnam - HCM ({NEW} since Thread 3 Close)

Advice to bros heading to HCM with the hope of doing some chionging. This is a summary of my travels across Vietnam recently.

1) I read a couple of times, DO NOT PAY UNTIL AFTER, I went there mentally prepared to hold my ground but for some reason, my basal instincts too over and I paid 2.2M VND upfront for an overnight session.

WRONG THING TO DO. Not that I really cared because the girl's service was crap so I decided having her around all night wasn't going to be fun. She was instructed by her mami that after 2 screws she was to up and leave. Clearly not what I agreed on what I said overnight and the mami on the phone said US$100. Therefore, no matter what, stand your ground. DO NOT PAY UNTIL AFTER. Because if they are asking for payment upfront, they are planning on screwing you over, best tell the girl to leave you'll be better off. This will not be an issue because (read on)

2) Sex in HCM central is actually very easy to find. Just walking along the central areas I was accosted twice by agents asking me if I wanted "Lady Boom Boom" I was looking for dinner and they were very persistent. But I did not go with them, because, USING WECHAT AND TINDER I had about 6-7 "girls" hitting me up every night with the aim of selling sex. Now I can't be sure if all of them were really the girls, but I received confirmation from 3 of them, that they are (as expected) mamis/pimps and the starting rates quoted didn't really need to be negotiated any further. The problem is that, good products sell themselves, the fact that they need to be pushed out means that the quality is generally lower. (Read the other posts about the risks of wechat and the prices expected). But unfortunately that's probably as high as it gets without significant effort.

3) Most likely you will not find sex in general beer bars. ( I can't speak for APO) But I trawled a dozen beer bars, inhaled a fair bit of Nitrous Oxide, and bought quite a few drinks. I suspect in them, there are two types of girls in the beer bars, girls who will have sex, girls who won't have sex. After Speaking with these girls, they can earn between 6 to 15 mill VND a month being a bar girl, so use that knowledge if you can. Come early, bar hopping at 10 pm you will discover that all existing customers in the bar have girls wrapped around them. I suspect that these are girls who are willing to earn their tips, these however are the girls who are generally less attractive. The more attractive ones that sit outside the bar who have better english to pull lonely men walking past into their snares probably won't have sex. As the night wears on, my impatience increases, and I start to negotiate early with less small talk. (lady drinks/beers can cost 100k and up per pop. Given that ST is 1 mill, these drinks are exorbitant) When pressure is applied, these girls resort to the same stalling manuver, they won't re-direct to another girl who is willing to put out, instead they will say they know nothing, only been working here 2 days etc. The whole aim is to keep you there and suck you dry. The girls I suspect that will put out, well they will approach you first, and you can tell there is a different attitude in how they interact. (As a note, I know that I'm not being rejected on basis of looks or lack of charisma)

4) Lastly I think it's important to note the environment you are in. Some people say Vietnamese girls are really pretty. I think that coming from an Asian man's vantage point that is quite a defensible point, because we like fair skin and pretty eyes and the rest of Indochina is dark skinned. HOWEVER... If one really takes note of how pretty these girls are on average based on the total number of women that walk past vs the fact you will only notice pretty girls. One will realise Vietnamese girls on average are probably no more pretty than what you find elsewhere but that said, a few things need to be taken note of.

A) You are there for sex, therefore your mindset is already predatory, you are on the prowl for any glimpse of a high slit skirt of the triangles of flesh that peek out from the Ao Dai that the local viet girls wear. You are likely highly charged, this blurs your senses.
B) Vietnamese women indeed have better figures than all other fair skinned Asian women you would likely see. I suspect it's down to the diet (not much fat), it is very hard to find a Viet woman who is overweight. The bodies I see walking past me were mostly very tonned and they must all know the maker of the bras that the Singapore Girl Flight attendants of SIA wears, because more often than not, it seems a slim tonned viet girl has twice the cup size of a Singaporean of same build, but from my visual analysis, I'm fairly certain it's less padding more real meat.
C) Viet women know the principle that clothes should fit well. Given the national dress is the Ao Dai, and it's bespoke to the wearer and it's a coming of age item to have as a viet woman (so almost all of them have one), they know very well how clothes should fit well and how to apply it, I did not see one viet woman who did not have good fitted clothes.
D) Thick eyebrows, big eyes and eye make up. Viet women mostly have good eye areas.
E) There is so many people there, if even the general 1 in 10 girls is good looking, means just walking along a 100m street you will see at least 5 very good looking girls


After dealing with a few Viet FL/ML in summary I back up with has been said many times already. Attitudes are horrendous. The we chat hooker that I engaged, didn't even take my condom off after the deed was done, she just ups and goes over to the shower to clean herself, leaving me there, just like that.

Given that, always remember to negotiate hard, sadly though I do not support the mentality that I'm about to suggest generally and not in other countries, but it's a cowboy town here and it is required to deal with such women. THESE WOMEN ARE WHORES, REMEMBER THEY ARE JUST MEAT TO FUCK. This applies truly to Vietnam. In Thailand and Singapore, yes, you can lean back a bit and develop this temporary rapport, but not in Vietnam. They are outright there to rip you off. (Different of course if you are working towards a longer term repeat engagement, but that is girl dependant)

So my point 4 is this. Stick to your guns, negotiate hard, DO NOT BE AFRAID TO WALK AWAY. If you can't find any sex at the end of the day, it might be a good thing. Do not be tempted to pay more/ give in just because you are horny, because the environment is stacked against you. Seeing all the fit Vietnamese women in tight clothing doesn't help, you will not be thinking straight. Viet hookers have a high incidence of HIV. 1.5M VND to be with a Viet girl for 15 mins is just not worth it, a SG$150 Thai in SG provides a better one shot service. Save your money and go somewhere else.

So maybe if you really want to taste Vietnamese on a regular basis, you need to consider a Vietnamese wife.

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